Hearing For You foundation

Charitable foundation «IT4YOU LT» established in 2015 supported by «IT4YOU» company in order to lead long-term social programs and projects in the sphere of social adaptation for hard of hearing people by implementing innovative technologies.

Mission of foundation

Act as a catalyst for positive social changes in society, contributing to the development and promotion of innovative technologies designed to solve problems of people with disabilities.


20 Dec 2015

The common project of the Petralex Team and the CCT "Specialist" - the leading computing training center in the CEE Region (according to Microsoft research in 2011 - 2015FY) involved hard of hearing people into online and blended Microsoft trainings and provides 2,5% growth in the first year after being launched.

Since launching the Program based on “Petralex” driver in June 2015, more than 400 clients have taken interest in the program. However, we expect that the main effect will be full involvement of hearing-impaired people in the modern education, creation of opportunities for lifelong training and professional development.

• The project was recognized as the best learning program tool by LERN Intl. in 2015
Learn International Award winners

23 Oct 2015

The article "Virtual Learning for People with Hearing Impairs" was officially published in the Technical Programme of 2015 AEIT International Annual Conference. It is devoted to Petralex as a special tool which can deliver the whole spectrum of synchronous, asynchronous, blended learning for hearing-impaired people. View details...

10 Oct 2015

We ran our first webinar "Distance learning for hearing-impaired people" for educational institutions of all types. We were talking about innovative assistive technologies, developed by our company for people with hearing impairs in the educational process.

29 Sep 2015

As a part of our continuous cooperation with educational institutions for life-long education and qualification upgrade: we launched a cooperative program to support professional training for hard of hearing people together with the CCT Specialist (the largest computer training center in the CEE region) (Moscow)

10 Sep 2015

The first open webinar for educational organizations on implementing Petralex for students with hearing impairs in virtual and blended learning.

15 Jun 2015

The Foundation has launched a joint action with the Ismanusis Mokymas (Smart Learning) company (Lithuania) for the distribution of the Petralex Apps and drivers for adult training programs.


The foundation is searching the most promising innovative ideas and projects in order to support their effective implementation in practice, and also it is working on adaptation of existing technologies for special local, professional and other conditions.

This innovative activity originally aimed at solving or alleviating problems of the society, is carried out at the confluence of the traditional approach to philanthropy and active work in the sphere of science and technology.

Our social applications are and always will be free for users and organizations which provide their services for hard of hearing people: educational, adaptive; employers which hire such persons.

The Foundation and the developers understand their social responsibility and develop solutions for better integration of hard of hearing people in the modern digital world with all its diversity: online training; entertainment, games, music and videos, and live chat with friends and colleagues.

Particularly, our experience and the experience of our colleagues from IT4YOU company in the field of digital signal processing give us a significant chance of successful implementation of the objectives faced by the Foundation. Including our intellectual property in the form of patents, applications for a patent, know-how in the field of improving the intelligibility of audio signal, products which implement functionality of hearing aids on different computing platforms, and also ongoing research and development of software tools that compensate for hearing loss.

See detailed technology description.


  1. Create a comfortable environment for people with disabilities by implementing and adapting special technical means.

  2. Ensure the full integration of people with disabilities in the modern digital society.

  3. Offer (create, provide) equal and special opportunities for lifelong training, professional development for people with disabilities.

  4. Promote expansion of technologies which protect health in the digital world, improve quality of life, including people whose professional activity contains risks for health.

  5. Funding for the development of technical means for the integration of people with disabilities in modern digital society.

  6. Participation in development and implementation of standards for distance learning and equipment of remote workplaces for people with disabilities.

  7. Cooperation with governmental and non-governmental organizations in the sphere of promotion and popularization of modern technical means for integration of people with disabilities in modern digital society.

  8. Raising funds to complete the tasks mentioned above.


Highly qualified scientists in the field of digital signal processing

Doctor of Science
Doctors of Philosophy
Candidate for a degree

Outstanding programmers, which have skills and knowledge in different fields of programming

Software architect

Coordinator of activities

Doctor of Science

Project Management


QA Engineers



PETRALEX® is the world-first realization of such assistive technology, designed for independent work, without pairing hearing aids.

PETRALEX® for Windows

Multimedia application «PETRALEX® for Windows» is designed for hearing-impaired users of computers and tablets, who need correction and compensation of the audio signal while listening to music, watching movies, using voice communicators, learning etc.

Our patented technology and original multimedia application «Petralex for Windows» provide a hard of hearing user with: inbuilt procedure of hearing test (in situ audiometry), automatic calculation of the target gain factors based on received audio profile, capture of audio stream with its further processing with estimated delay in a range of 6.3 – 15.7 millisecond, depending on a device model, output of processed audio signal in accordance with the user’s choice.

Thanks to in situ audiometry the application is able to reproduce the equal sound quality with any audio devices.



PETRALEX® Music App is a music player for smartphones and tablets.

Due to higher sampling rate - 44,1 kHz, that significantly exceeds rates used in modern hearing aids and pass-bands respectively, i.e. the range of hearing sounds, it was managed to give hearing-impaired people such sound quality of music that had been unavailable for them before. And for us it is really a touching and exciting moment when we read the reviews of satisfied users who heard the music in its original sound for the first time.

This assistive application allows users to listen to audio files stored on device without additional pairing with hearing aid. A user can create individual settings by taking a hearing test (in situ audiometry). Also he/she can use settings made by himself/herself for other apps from Petralex family. Audio profiles adapt the sound of music to the peculiarities of a user’s individual hearing.



PETRALEX® Radio app – is a radio app for smartphones and tablets, running on iOS and Android.

This assistive application allows users to listen to programs and music, broadcast on radio stations without additional pairing with hearing aid. By analogy with the app PETRALEX® Music wider range of sounds becomes available for a user, there is a possibility to create new settings (i.e. take a hearing test (in situ audiometry) and use settings made before.



1. A specialized solution for learning opportunities.

Client-server solution to deliver app-based access to online training and learning content in the form of podcasts for hard of hearing people. We are going to implement an access of hearing-impaired people to learning content and online training by using a client-server solution. The client side of the solution would be an App for mobile platforms.

Our plan is to provide educational organizations with handy tools for organizing online training and access to educational content, with a special server-side solution providing users with broadcast both streaming video and audio, and stored audio, video files.

2. Solutions for voice communication.

Development of specialized application and its integration with the most popular voice communication services, including the professional sphere (Skype, WhatsApp, Viber, Webex, Citrix goto etc)

A special application for VoIP communication designed for hearing impaired users, with an opportunity to use it either with hands free, or without it. It also contains a built-in procedure of “in situ audiometry”. Application for smartphones and tablets, running on Android, IOS, Windows, is expected to integrate with popular services like Viber, WhatsApp, Skype, etc.

We plan to deliver an application for professional use, which allows participating in conference calls by the integration with services like Webex, Citrix goto, Adobe Connect etc.

3. Solution for watching and listening to the content.

Development of specialized applications for video and music content, and their integration with the most popular services of streaming music and video. Such type of specialized assistive applications is intended to give hard of hearing people an opportunity to listen and watch the content without a hearing aid, i.e. with no need for pairing with such a device.

Application for smartphones and tablets running the operating systems Android, IOS, Windows intended for listening to music content, is expected to integrate with popular services of streaming music like Spotify, GoogleMusic, etc.

Application for smartphones and tablets running the operating systems Android, IOS, Windows intended for watching video, is expected to integrate with popular video content sites such as YouTube, Vimeo and others.